our values


we consider these four values when selecting items for THE WILLINGALE SHOP:


timeless   -   we appreciate simple, classic design. investing in high quality items that never go out of style, provides you with a seasonless wardrobe that you can wear over and over again in many different ways.

quality   -   we like things to last. our philosophy is to buy a little bit less for a little bit more so that we can take pleasure from our belongings for longer.

genderless   -   we love breaking the rules. our approach to dressing is relaxed, fun and modern. by challenging traditional views of clothing, we offer pieces for everyone to wear, however they want.

local   -   we enjoy something a little bit different. by shopping local and independent, you can find something wonderfully unique with a personal touch. there's so much talent in the uk and it’s great to support the people on our doorstep and feel a part of the community.


applying these values can help us shop more sustainably.