our values

low environmental impact

we love our planet and its people and want to look after the environment.

the fabrics that we use are all deadstock or vintage and sourced within the uk. we like to recycle surplus fabrics rather than buying new and actively design and make to reduce waste. we select premium natural materials that look and feel good, will withstand wear and tear and are also biodegradable.

our in house studio is where all the action happens. we design, sample, source and make all WILLINGALE garments under one roof which means that we lower emissions as much as possible.

ecological concerns are at the forefront of what we do and will continue to shape our brand.


positivity and inclusivity

clothing has always been important to me. even as a child, i used to love selecting outfits to wear from the jumble of hand-me-down clothes in my wardrobe. it has always been a fun way for me to express myself in the world. clothing can act as armour and build confidence. clothing can be used for dressing up and play and to reduce modern day stresses. mood boosting colours can be used to great effect to alter your emotional state.

we promote body positivity with styles that are gender neutral and celebrate individuality. positive clothing is also reflected in our ethical approach; using eco materials and promoting fair working practices.

we like to approach fashion with a sense of humour and deliver a friendly service to all our customers.


embrace contradictions

we take old materials, old garments and old styles and turn them into something new.

styles are always masculine as well as feminine and can be worn by both men and women.

we design and make classic pieces that can be worn for years to come and that are also unique.

individuality and non conformity are part of our dna but we also champion inclusivity.


challenge the current fashion industry

we believe that there are better ways of doing things. we want to shake up the status quo and carve out a new fashion model to work within.

why does fashion need to be consumed so quickly? we think that the clothes we wear are important and deserve time to create them, time to choose and buy them, time to wear them and time to look after them. we work at a slower pace and ignore seasonal collections.

WILLINGALE pieces are made to order or are one of a kind rather than mass produced. ethically handmade to last with timeless design and unique qualities. we embrace individuals and don’t conform to beauty ideals.

these little acts of rebellion can move us towards a brighter future.