timeless womenswear and menswear designed and handmade in england using reclaimed fabrics.


'making good things in good ways'

WILLINGALE was founded by charlotte willingale in 2023 to create beautiful, wearable pieces for everyone that consider the environment and our well being.

our approach is to cut and sew garments to order in small batches or as one-of-a-kind, making use of every last scrap to minimise waste. everything is crafted in house to a high quality with the intention that clothing will be enjoyed and worn for years to come. function and details are key to the design process and, as a lover of pockets, almost every piece features at least one!


'from the old to the new'

time is taken to source all the surplus natural cloth and trims that we use. deadstock cottons, linens and silks as well as vintage textiles are elevated to produce everyday wear that has a conscience. heavily influenced by past eras and vintage pieces, styles are classic and individual.