i've been secretly hoping for a while now that KINGSLEY WALTERS might be interested in designing and making a little accessories collection for THE WILLINGALE SHOP. so when lockdown took hold i thought that it'd be the perfect time to ask him.

it’s with a lot of joy that i can introduce to you his first exclusive unisex collection especially for THE WILLINGALE SHOP. KINGSLEY took our mutual love for vintage military wear and designed a small range of interchangeable leather accessories that can be worn individually or mixed and matched to suit your mood and outfit. they are highly functional, allowing you to carry whichever valuables you need in the best way, whilst keeping a minimal and unfussy aesthetic. each piece is hand made in his home studio using the finest materials.

i caught up with KINGSLEY online to find out a bit more about his work, his loves and how he’s coping with lockdown.


how are you doing right now?

- i feel quite good. i get to not rush anything and really think things through. what i'm doing mainly is sharpening up my main line products and improving them if i think that they need it. i'm also just doing a lot of website work as well as research for future collections. i'm really liking the time to think, exercise, meditate and just do research and dig deep into future projects.

what was your starting point for this collection?

- the starting point for this collection is based on pouches worn by french legion during ww1.

where do you go for your inspiration?

- for my inspiration i always refer to the past, military mainly. i try to bring it into the present and keep my designs fresh and minimalist, let the leather speak for itself and make it as simple as possible. i also get a lot of inspiration from buildings in london, looking at the shapes and the curves. i'm always going to museums and looking at artwork and taking elements like the shapes and colours.

 what does unisex style mean to you? 

- to me unisex style means style with no gender. you can wear what you believe suits you best.

 what’s on repeat in your wardrobe for the summer?

- my summer wardrobe is stocked with beige chinos.

 which british company, large or small, do you rate?

- that would have to be the margaret howell clothing brand.

 what is your favourite shop anywhere in the world?

-  i would say my favourite shop would be levisons in london for the simple fact that they specialise in european workwear.

 can you give us your top three places to go in London (other than levisons)?

- in london my top three places are the v&a museum, tate modern and my favourite turkish restaurant (umut 2000).

 what’s your morning routine and what do you rustle up for breakfast?

- my morning routine is a simple one.. firstly have a glass of water, brush my teeth, go for my daily run then it's breakfast time ... for breakfast i normally have fried plantain, egg with two slices of bread.

 which one book do you recommend that everyone should read?

- the book that i would recommend everyone to read is the alchemist by paulo coelho.

 and finally, what’s your current simple pleasure?

- my current simple pleasure i would say is jamaican chicken soup.


 thanks so much KINGSLEY. jamaican chicken soup would be amazing right now, especially homemade! i'll have to come round to yours once lockdown is over and we can enjoy a bowl finished off with a slice of my special banana bread x


you can shop the collection right here.


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