ATTIRECARE red wine stain remover
ATTIRECARE red wine stain remover

ATTIRECARE red wine stain remover

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ATTIRECARE is a manchester-based brand focused on shoe, garment, home and lifestyle care products. they offer a wide range of handmade products to prolong the life of said things and promote less waste (all the while looking great on your shelf!). they use organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals to create all their formulas, ensuring they are environmentally friendly, ethically made, biodegradable and do exactly what they say on the label.

red wine stain remover is a quick and effective alternative to remove stubborn red wine stains. this product will remove pretty much all red wine stains off pretty much all material types, returning them back to their original condition. suitable to be used for a wide variety of products including, furniture, carpets, garments and many more!

  • organic ingredients, no harsh chemicals
  • recycled plastic packaging
  • 100ml
  • suitable to be used on pretty much all materials

directions for use:

  1. always shake well before use
  2. spray directly onto the stain that is to be removed
  3. leave the solution to start working on the affected area for a few minutes
  4. dab with a clean dampened cloth until the stain has completely gone

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