FOUR ONES onyx fica
FOUR ONES onyx fica
FOUR ONES onyx fica

FOUR ONES onyx fica

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FOUR ONES is a london based jeweller creating classic and sentimental pieces to treasure forever. every piece is hand made using ethically sourced precious and organic materials.

the onyx fica features a fist, hand made out of onyx in jaipur, in a closed position. a gesture originating in ancient indian culture to depict union of the lingam and yoni, the gesture is used against the evil eye. onyx is a soothing stone and helps the wearer to deliver him/her-self from negative emotions and thoughts.

  • recycled sterling silver
  • fist is made of onyx and hand carved in jaipur
  • sterling silver 20" chain
  • finish can vary due to the making process of each piece
  • made to order so please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery

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