leather cream
leather cream

leather cream

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cream formula designed to clean, condition and protect all leather goods. leather naturally holds moisture and residual oil which begins to vaporise over time and can lead to surface cracking. the nourishing cream can prevent this from happening and is ideal for getting rid of everyday dust, dirt and grime. suitable for use on all types of leather. treat leather goods up to twice a month to reduce the chance of cracking.

  • thick, creamy solution
  • recycled plastic packaging
  • 100ml
  • suitable to be used on all types of leather

directions for use:

  1. pour liquid into bottle top
  2. dip a clean cloth into the solution
  3. work solution slowly in a circular motion into the area being treated


manchester-based brand focused on shoe, garment, home and lifestyle care products. they offer a wide range of handmade products to prolong the life of your treasured things and promote less waste. all ethically made using organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals to create all their formulas.

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