ABBEYHORN afro horn comb

ABBEYHORN afro horn comb

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established in 1749, ABBEYHORN is the last remaining horn works in britain today. all raw materials used are sourced ethically from renewable resources with the majority of their finished products being biodegradable and/or recyclable. their beautifully unique products are still hand crafted using traditional methods and machinery to cut, saw, mould and polish the horns.

small hand crafted afro comb with wide teeth, ideal for use on tight curls and afro hair. horn combs eliminate static and improve the shine and body of your hair by collecting natural oils from your scalp and distributing them right the way through your hair. these oils will also help to keep your horn comb nourished.

  • measures 2" x 4"
  • ethically sourced cow horn
  • ecological piece
  • colour and markings will vary according to the natural materials used

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