THE WILLINGALE SHOP is all about good, honest clothing and accessories that are made to last. a beautifully curated collection of unisex styles from british brands, all under one roof.

hello, my name is charlotte willingale, founder of THE WILLINGALE SHOP. i moved back to leicester in 2018 after having lived and worked in london for over 15 years. it’s lovely to be back in my home town after all this time but i really miss the wonderful selection of interesting, independent boutiques in the big city. so I thought that i’d open up one myself!

all the pieces in store are things that i love. most are also items that i wear or use myself. style and function are both important to me in equal measure. i love old fashions, i love new fashions and i absolutely love mixing the two together. THE WILLINGALE SHOP encourages thoughtful spending, stocking clothing and accessories for men and women that are designed and made to last. invest in timeless pieces that you can treasure forever.

THE WILLINGALE SHOP will be opening it's doors in leicester very soon. until then, you can shop the collection online right here.