a limited edition open crown fedora made from reclaimed vintage rabbit fur felt.

HOWL is the product of a creative project between TOM SMARTE and WE ARE OUTLANDERS.

inspired by the first ‘open road' cowboy hat, a style coined the ‘boss of the plains'. HOWL is a modern take of the cult classic, while staying true to the original's structure, shape and quality.

TOM SMARTE is a hat brand with a difference. focused on recycling, repurposing and renewing rather than creating more waste, they have collaborated with other like minded brands, musicians and artists, to craft designs from off-cuts and surplus materials that naturally occur when making clothing and accessories.

the new initiative also means that to help further reduce waste, they will only make what is needed. so rather than seasonal collections, there will be a series of limited editions with small production runs available for pre-order. no overstocks, no reserve inventory, no clearance sales or black friday promotions.